Opti-Nutra® helps consumers achieve vibrant natural health and peak human performance.

Our mission leaves no room for compromise.

That is why Opti-Nutra® has developed a culture of quality that guides our way at every phase of supplement creation.

What Is Opti-Nutra® Quality?

For many supplement companies, “quality” simply means meeting the bare minimum standards for their manufacturing processes. For Opti-Nutra®, “quality” means much more.

First and foremost:

Opti-Nutra®’s manufacturing exceeds the quality standards mandated by the world’s leading regulatory bodies.

Opti-Nutra® goes above required manufacturing standards to produce superior supplements. Our dedication to Quality also extends far beyond our manufacturing facility.

Every choice that we make – from the earliest formula ideas to a supplement’s finishing touches – are determined by one question: Which choice brings superior quality to our customers?

Opti-Nutra® extends our culture of Quality beyond the manufacturing floor, applying it to our philosophy, innovation, creativity and everything we do.


Opti-Nutra®’s Quality is greater in scope than other
supplement manufacturers. We hold more aspects
of supplement development to a higher standard
of excellence.

Opti-Nutra® Quality Advantages

Each Opti-Nutra® quality choice brings an advantage to the consumer.

These advantages add up to position Opti-Nutra® as a Quality Leader, offering advanced benefits to consumers that other supplement brands simply do not.

Consider the following sampling of quality choices that manufacturers must make as they develop their nutritional supplements – including decisions about formulation, label transparency, delivery, health claims and more.

Opti-Nutra®’s superior quality choices deliver significant health advantages to the consumer over other brands:

Other Manufacturers Opti-Nutra® Opti-Nutra® Advantage to Consumer
Plain ingredient forms Advanced ingredient forms Superior potency, tolerability, absorption and efficacy
Gelatin capsules, cellulose capsules
(also known as semi- synthetic polymer caps)
Plantcaps®: Organic vegan capsules made from pullulan (naturally fermented tapioca) Easy, comfortable and complete absorption for all, including vegan and clean diet lifestyles
Softgels that are made with carrageenan, which has been linked to inflammatory side effects Plantgels™, the world’s first carrageenan-free vegan softgel, made from modified tapioca starch, glycerin, purified water and caramel only. Better tolerability, enables vegans to take softgels without having to worry about carrageenan’s potential inflammation issues
Meet the minimum required manufacturing certifications Go above and beyond Supplements of unparalleled quality
Common nutritional combinations dating back decades New nutritional combinations the market has never seen Greater efficacy, benefits backed by recent research conducted with state-of-the-art modern technology
Accept raw materials into manufacturing after a cursory review of Certificate of Analysis (COA) paperwork only Quarantine incoming raw materials and verify superior identity, purity and safety before accepting them Guaranteed superior-quality ingredients
Use proprietary blends that list a formula’s ingredients, but hide the dosage of each one All dosages shown, all the time Only with dosages can you compare ingredients against research and stack them safely and effectively
Use synthetic coloring in their capsules Use clear plant capsules with no synthetic colors or natural in rare cases where light-sensitive nutrients need extra protection Supplements that fit with all lifestyles, especially those who are on clean diets free of dietary synthetics
Use artificial fillers Avoids fillers altogether, but when they are necessary for blending, use natural fillers such as Nu-Flow® Rice Efficient granular flow during encapsulation while maintaining a clean, natural label for consumers
Do not perform safety testing prior to supplement distribution Perform multiple lab analyses prior to distribution to ensure products are bioactive, clean and match the label ingredients and dosages exactly A superior finished product with a greater guarantee of safety, purity and efficacy
Make miracle claims that are difficult to substantiate Make conservative, research-backed, FDA-friendly claims, compliant with the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act (DSHEA) Nutritional integrity that educates consumers and advocates for the supplement industry


To best unlock peak human performance, Opti-Nutra™
takes great care in making the right choices at every
phase of development – ultimately producing superior
nutritional supplements that work better than any
other brands on the market.

Opti-Nutra® Quality Service

For many manufacturers, Quality ends when the product leaves their manufacturing facilities. With Opti-Nutra®, Quality continues as long as a customer is using our product.

Opti-Nutra® offers Superior-Quality Service to our customers on all products that we make, including:

Fast Worldwide Shipping

Streamlined and seamless shipping; tracking number emailed within 24 hours of dispatch.

World-Class Customer Service

24/7 Friendly, knowledgeable customer support available on all Opti-Nutra® products; 30-min. Average reply time to email inquiries.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

All Opti-Nutra® products are backed by a 30-day risk-free money back guarantee.

From initial order through shipping and returns, Opti-Nutra® strives to provide a superior customer experience.