Opti-Nutra® manufacturing unites innovative vision with cutting-edge technology to produce finished supplements that are pure, natural, potent and effective.

Our manufacturing facilities, labs and processes are:

What are Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)?

Developed by the public health and safety organization NSF International, GMP is a supplement manufacturing program designed to ensure finished products are safe, precise and effective.

GMP certification may only be earned by manufacturers who pass regular compliance testing for equipment maintenance, raw ingredient sourcing and handling, facility cleanliness, staff education, record keeping and more.

GMP certification gives assurance that Opti-Nutra® supplements are superior quality: Pure, potent, and most importantly, effective.

We also do it right when no one is looking.


In addition to meeting the requirements of the most rigorous independent inspection and certification programs in the supplement industry, Opti-Nutra®’s manufacturing facilities are carefully monitored by our own internal checks and balances – including hundreds of in-process and post-process checks.

Opti-Nutra®’s manufacturing arm goes above and beyond what is required, instead leading the way as a state-of-the-art showcase for the creation and testing of superior-quality nutritional supplements.

Opti-Nutra®‘s Laboratory

Opti-Nutra™ Manufacturing starts by checking all incoming raw materials in our own laboratory.

This critical first step ensures that our nutritional ingredients are safe, pure, and match exactly what is listed on suppliers’ Certificates of Analysis (COA).

Opti-Nutra®’s advanced equipment allows us to perform deep-testing of incoming raw materials (and finished products).

Our analytical capabilities include:

Infrared an Near-infrared Spectrometers

All of our raw materials are tested and re-tested to confirm identity, consistency, purity and potency before entering our blending areas.

Gas Chromatographerds and Inductively Coupled Plasma and Mass Spectrometers

Elemental testing technology helps us identify toxins, pesticides, heavy metals and other contaminants — even at low levels – so we can reject materials on the spot.

High Performance Liquid Chromatographs (HPLC and UPLC)

Enable us to analyze consistency, purity, potency and measure impurities, so each supplement only contains the exact nutritional power it is supposed to.

Advanced Microbiological Screening

VITEK 2®, Biosys® and ELISA testing help us to detect pathogens and microbes (like salmonella, e Coli, etc.) in raw materials.

Polymerase Chain Reaction Screening

Opti-Nutra® only uses non-GMO ingredients – guaranteed. All suppliers who label their materials “Non-GMO” are still subjected to polymerase chain reaction testing which enables us to detect any genetically modified DNA that may be present.

Photo Stimulated Luminescence

We use this technology to scan every raw material that we receive to assure that our ingredients have not been exposed to ionizing radiation as part of an effort to eliminate harmful bacteria. Opti-Nutra™ refuses to use irradiated ingredients.

Did you know?

Some supplement manufacturers engage in “dry labbing,” where their incoming raw material “testing” is simply a glance at the Certificate of Analysis?

That doesn’t work for us.

Opti-Nutra® verifies quality against COAs by performing our own random screening and analysis of incoming raw materials at our own laboratories.

All ingredients found in Opti-Nutra® supplements are quarantined until our quality control technicians verify that they meet or exceed our high standards for quality and purity.

Only superior ingredients that pass through the stringent quality testing process are allowed to enter our manufacturing floor.

Opti-Nutra® Manufacturing Floor

Once raw materials have been verified as safe, clean and pure, they are released to the Opti-Nutra® Manufacturing Floor.

Here, the materials are first precisely weighed by our pharmacy, assuring that the finished product’s ingredient dosages match what is listed on the label.


Batches of raw materials then enter our mixing room, where high-speed ribbon blenders compound the ingredients.

During this process, ingredients are combined uniformly without changing the size of granules. This step ensures consistency from batch to batch, as well as ensuring optimal absorption of each capsule’s contents.


Next, compounded batches of Opti-Nutra® supplements move on to the encapsulation room.

Here, our state-of-the-art high speed encapsulation machines employ cutting-edge techniques that fill capsules to the max and eliminate the nutrition-damaging heat and alcohol that are used in other capsule and tableting techniques.

Opti-Nutra® Uses 100% Natural, Vegan Plantcaps® and Plantgels™ Exclusively

All Opti-Nutra√ supplements are presented in Capsugel® Plantcaps® and our own proprietary Plantgels™ softgels.

Plantcaps® vegan capsules are made from pullulan, which is naturally fermented from tapioca

Plantgels™ are made from tapioca, glycerin, caramel and purified water, and are the World’s First carrageenan-free vegan softgels.

Plantcaps® and Plantgels™ advantages:

Some supplements use delivery forms that don’t work with vegan and clean-diet lifestyles. These may include “cellulose” capsules that look natural, but are actually made of semi-synthetic polymers; and vegan softgels made with carrageenan, a controversial ingredient that has been linked to inflammation concerns.

Opti-Nutra™ proudly uses Plantcaps® and Plantgels™ exclusively to advance our mission of using natural, superior-quality, vegan-friendly ingredients.

For each Opti-Nutra® supplement manufacturing cycle, a small preliminary batch of 500 Plantcaps® is produced and tested for weight, disintegration and stability.

Part of Opti-Nutra®’s small-batch analysis is Acceptance Quality Limit (AQL) inspections performed by our Quality Control personnel – a visual inspection to ensure capsules are closed properly, are the correct size and shape, and are otherwise in compliance with all external regulatory and internal Opti-Nutra® standards.

Only after the preliminary batch has been shown to meet or exceed Opti-Nutra®’s stringent quality standards is encapsulation resumed for the rest of the supplement batch.

Opti-Nutra®: Quality at Every Step

Throughout lab testing, blending, encapsulation and packaging, highly trained Opti-Nutra® personnel check and double check every action – monitoring, controlling, and documenting all operations involved in producing Opti-Nutra® supplements.

Each day, dozens of quality steps and tests are performed at our manufacturing facility, including:

Finished Product Testing

Finished Opti-Nutra® supplements are again analyzed with dozens of additional tests to verify their performance characteristics.

Finished supplement testing includes:

Advanced Dissolution Testing

Our filled and finished Plantcaps® are introduced to environments mimicking the digestive system to ensure that they dissolve easily and completely.

Internal Assay

Each supplement is deconstructed and broken down into its individual components. The purpose of this assay is to ensure that each dosage of each ingredient matches the dosages that are listed on the label.

Independent Assay

Finished Opti-Nutra® supplements are also sent out to an external third-party laboratory for analysis, providing independent and objective proof of nutritional purity, potency and quality.

100% Sorting

Performed to ensure only non-defective, quality product is selected for final packaging.

Opti-Nutra® products only enter packaging after extensive testing demonstrating that they meet our superior standards for cleanliness, absorbability, and life-enhancing nutritional activity.


Opti-Nutra®’s manufacturing floor includes two custom-built bottle filling lines.

Leveraging the latest automation technology, these production lines can fill up to 100 bottles per minute with industry leading accuracy and efficiency, all while eliminating the possibility of human operation errors.

Our highly efficient system enables us to package supplements quickly in sealed, light-proof bottles to ensure freshness, purity and potency.

Opti-Nutra® quality touches can be seen throughout each phase of product packaging, with every detail tailored to the wellness and lifestyle preferences of our loyal customers. Opti-Nutra™ packaging features:

Opti-Nutra™’s lab, manufacturing floor, processes and people are all laser-focused on one ultimate goal: Producing superior-quality supplements that deliver the life-enhancing health and performance benefits our customers deserve.

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