Superior supplement quality starts with exceptional ingredients.

Opti-Nutra®’s supplement ingredients come from the best suppliers in the world.

All potential Opti-Nutra™ ingredient suppliers must complete a 40+ question application that demonstrates they are in compliance with our high standards for quality control, cleanliness, regulations and more.

Some sample application questions that all
potential Opti-Nutra® suppliers must answer:

Opti-Nutra® only forms relationships and sources ingredients from suppliers who score 100% on our questionnaire.

Even after passing our stringent application process, suppliers are subjected to random audits from Opti-Nutra™ to verify their ongoing compliance to our high quality standards.

These steps enable Opti-Nutra™ to ensure that only fresh, potent, and pure ingredients are used – resulting in premium supplements that are unsurpassed in their health-enhancing potential.

Ingredient Forms

In today’s market, choosing the right ingredients is simply not enough. The ingredient form is often a key predictor of supplement success.

Different forms of the same ingredients can be vastly different. That’s why Opti-Nutra® always formulates with superior ingredients by default.

By choosing the best available ingredient form, Opti-Nutra® gives consumers supplements with advantages across many important areas, including:


Some ingredients forms are backed by more evidence demonstrating their safety than other forms.


Some forms feature greater digestive comfort and overall tolerability, making it easier for consumers to stick to their supplementation regimen and achieve greater benefits.


Opti-Nutra® strives for clinical-range dosages. To maintain efficacy in formulas featuring several ingredients, we often use ingredient forms that are enhanced to deliver stronger potency in smaller serving sizes.


Some ingredient forms are difficult for the body to absorb and utilize. Opti-Nutra® formulas use highly bioavailable ingredient forms to ensure the highest level of active compounds reach the bloodstream.


You can’t expect clinical results if you don’t use research-backed forms. Opti-Nutra® uses ingredients validated by strong research, in some cases matching the forms and dosages used in successful clinical trials.

Ingredient forms play a large role in determining a supplement’s effectiveness. Opti-Nutra® always chooses the best ingredient form for the task at hand:
Enhancing human health and performance.

Types of ingredient forms found in
Opti-Nutra® supplements include:

BioGenesis™: Nature-Identical Vitamin
and Mineral Essentials

Opti-Nutra®’s proprietary BioGenesis™ vitamins and minerals are based on the work of Nobel Prize-winning physiologist Albert Szent Gyorgy, who theorized that nutrients presented in their naturally grown forms supply cofactors that make them more bioavailable, biologically active and effective than nutrients that are isolated.

In Opti-Nutra®’s patented BioGenesis™ process, single-cell organisms (Lactobacillus probiotics and brewer’s yeast) are seeded with micronutrients in a hydroponic growth medium. As the live cells take up and metabolize micronutrients, they divide and thrive – organically growing new vitamins and minerals within a matrix of natural cofactors including:

Because they are grown – not synthesized or isolated – BioGenesis™ vitamins and minerals are nature-identical: Mirroring the exact nutrient-with-cofactors structure found in whole foods. This familiar structure is more easily absorbed and utilized by the body – making BioGenesis™ nutrients more effective than other forms.

Additional BioGenesis™ advantages:

BioGenesis™ Nutrients by Growth Culture Benefits and General Areas of Support
Lactobacillus bulgaricus (yogurt culture probiotic) – Vitamins and Minerals
Vitamin C Immune, cardiovascular, skin, joints, antioxidant, gums, bones, muscle
Vitamin D3 Immunity, bones, testosterone, cell function
Vitamin E Antioxidant, cardiovascular, hair, skin and nails, tissue repair
Calcium Bones, joints, cardiovascular, muscles, nervous system, hormones
Iron Blood cell formation, oxygen transport, brain chemical synthesis
Iodine Metabolism, thyroid function
Magnesium Energy, cardiovascular, bones, testosterone, muscle relaxation, nervous system, blood sugar
Zinc Immune, vision, testosterone, nerves, cell growth
Saccharomyces cerevisiae (brewer’s yeast) – Vitamins
Thiamin (Vitamin B1) Nervous system function, energy metabolism
Riboflavin (Vitamin B2) Red blood cell formation, cell growth, energy, antioxidant
Niacin (as Niacinamide) Circulation, protein and fat metabolism, nervous system, skin
Vitamin B6 Brain chemical synthesis and conversion, immune, blood cell formation, oxygen transport, nervous system, blood sugar, cognitive function
Folate B9 New cell formation, DNA synthesis
Vitamin B12 Energy metabolism, heart health, nervous system, cognitive function
Biotin B7 Hair, skin and nails; energy; blood sugar; cell growth, nervous system
Pantothenic Acid B5 Energy metabolism, hormone production, cardiovascular
Medicago sativa (alfalfa plant)
Vitamin K1 + K2 Bones, cardiovascular, connective tissue
Daucus sativus (carrot)
Vitamin A (Retinol) Vision, skin, immune, tissue repair, bones, antioxidant
Saccharomyces cerevisiae (brewer’s yeast) – Minerals
Selenium Immune, antioxidant, thyroid
Strontium Bones, joints
Copper Energy, nerves, connective tissue, cardiovascular, antioxidant, red blood cell formation, vision, immune
Manganese Enzyme cofactor, metabolism, blood sugar, antioxidant, bones
GTF Chromium Metabolism, energy, weight management, blood sugar
Inositol Nervous system, skin, cognition, mood
Molybdenum Enzyme function, metabolism
Vanadium Blood sugar, cardiovascular, bones, muscles
Boron Bones, testosterone, joints, connective tissue

Branded Ingredients

Branded ingredients are trademarked forms that are made with patented or proprietary technologies that confer advantages over plain forms. Branded ingredients may feature:

Some of the premium quality branded ingredient upgrades found in Opti-Nutra® supplements include:

Plain Form Opti-Nutra® Branded Upgrade Branded Ingredient Advantages
Choline Cognizin® Citicoline Patented, dynamic choline form backed by several strong human clinical trials; a global leader in citicoline research and innovation
Ashwagandha KSM®-66 Premium root standardized to supply 5% active withanolides; shown in research to raise testosterone by 17%
Black Pepper Extract BioPerine® Patented black pepper extract standardized to 95% active piperine; clinically shown to enhance nutrient absorption
Phosphatidylserine (PS) Sharp-PS® Green Sunflower-derived PS that is soy-free, allergen-free and non-GMO; made with a patented eco-friendly process
Lutein FloraGLO® Made from non-GMO marigold blooms, backed by 80+ human clinical trials, the #1 doctor-recommended brand of lutein
CoQ10 MicroActive® Q10 Research-backed form with enhanced bioavailability and 24-hour release; shown to double CoQ10 blood levels in 3 weeks
L-Theanine Suntheanine® Patented, 100% pure L-isomer-theanine shown to boost Alpha brainwaves in human clinical research
Tart Cherry Extract CherryPURE® Potent 50:1 extract of the Montmorency Tart Cherry, which supplies more melatonin than any other cherry variety.
L-Tryptophan TryptoPure® Made with patented, eco-friendly Ferment-A-Pure process that turns non-GMO, gluten-free vegetables into bioavailable amino acids
Soluble fiber Orafti® Synergy1 Inulin-FOS fiber that selectively nourishes Bifidobacterium and has clinically proven benefits for calcium absorption
Creatine Creapure® pH10 99.5% pure creatine monohydrate, pH-balanced to boost bioavailability and eliminate bloating and gastric distress
Cordyceps Cordyceps Super™ Patented, nature-identical, 16:1 potency, micronized cordyceps supplement with superior absorption ability; larvae-free
Pomegranate P40p™ Pomegranate Standardized for min. 40% punicosides and min. 50% total polyphenols; 500 mg = 5 whole pomegranates

Enhanced Botanical Ingredients

Botanical ingredients vary wildly in their quality, purity and potency.

Opti-Nutra® compensates for these variations by using enhanced botanical forms that are consistent, safe and reliable.

Opti-Nutra™ enhanced botanical ingredients include:

Standardized Herbs

Standardized herbs are calibrated to supply an exact level of active compounds – guaranteeing consistent therapeutic value from batch to batch, regardless of an herb’s growing region, soil conditions, or seasonal factors. Many branded herbal ingredients feature standardization.

Concentrated Botanical Extracts

These ingredients distill botanicals down into highly concentrated, nutrient-dense forms that enable greater therapeutic activity in smaller doses. For example, a 50:1 extract packs 50 pounds of herbal potency into 1 pound of product.

Full-spectrum Botanical Extracts

These herbal products are designed to mirror the nutritional profile of a plant grown under perfect conditions – supplying full-spectrum botanical nutrition in ratios that match what is found in nature.

Some of the enhanced botanical ingredients found in Opti-Nutra™ supplements include:

Plain Form Opti-Nutra® Enhanced Botanical Upgrades
Bacopa Monnieri Bacopa monnieri standardized for min. 45% bacosides with 9 bioactives
Mucuna pruriens Mucuna Pruriens standardized for min. 15% Levodopa
Rhodiola Rosea Rhodiola Rosea standardized to 3% rosavins and 1% salidrosides
Maritime Pine Bark Maritime Pine Bark Extract standardized for min. 95% proanthocyanidins
Lion’s Mane mushroom Lion’s Mane mushroom as a full-spectrum extract
Black currant Black currant standardized for min. 25% anthocyanins and typically supplying 2.2% C3G
Bilberry Bilberry standardized for min. 25% anthocyanosides
Saffron Saffron standardized for min. 0.3% safranal

Advanced Synthetic Nutrients

Some advanced synthetic nutrients that are engineered with a unique molecular structure or bonded with other nutrients in order to improve nutrient absorption and bioavailability.

Opti-Nutra® favors natural ingredients, but in cases where advanced synthetic forms exhibit higher activity, stronger potency, better bioavailability and other advantages, we use them.

Some examples of advanced synthetic ingredients found in Opti-Nutra® supplements include:

Plain Form Opti-Nutra® Upgrade Advanced Synthetic Upgrade Advantages
Tyrosine N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine (NALT) NALT is the preferred Tyrosine form for brain health for its superior potency and bioavailability
D-Aspartic Acid (DAA) D-Aspartic Acid Calcium Chelate (D-AA-CC) D-AA-CC binds DAA molecules to calcium chelate in order to improve absorption and digestive comfort

Opti-Nutra® proudly uses these premium ingredient forms to enhance our formulas’ safety, purity and efficacy.

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