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Performance supplements are poised for massive growth in 2019. You can capitalize with the easiest, most advanced affiliate platform ever developed: Opti-Nutra™ Associates Program.

Join the Opti-Nutra™ Associates Program and convert your site’s traffic into income – simply by introducing your visitors to superior-quality supplements that improve their health, performance and lives.

Why Opti-Nutra™ Associates Program is the Best:

1. Lucrative Compensation Package

Opti-Nutra™ Associates Program is designed to increase your income, strengthen your financial ability and build robust cash flow that gets stronger over time.

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2. Opti-Nutra™ Brand Prestige Sells Better

Our customers are happy to pay for the best. Opti-Nutra™ brands are premium quality, with the advanced formulations, branded ingredients and clean labels that today’s consumers demand.

Opti-Nutra™ brands include:

Mind Lab Pro® – the Universal Nootropic™

Mind Lab Pro® has emerged as the leading brain supplement. The first Universal Nootropic™, Mind Lab Pro® functions as a whole-brain optimizer – supporting brain health while enhancing focus, learning, memory, relaxation, stress resistance and more.

Opti-Nutra™ Associates can capitalize on the nootropics boom with the world’s most talked-about brain supplement: Mind Lab Pro®.

Performance Lab® – Upgrade Yourself™

Performance Lab® is the evolution of nutrition: A new take on supplementation designed to unlock next-level human performance. To realize this goal, Performance Lab® extensively researches, tests and formulates advanced supplements that upgrade function across performance-oriented biological pathways.

Performance Lab® CORE Formulas*

Performance Lab® SPORT Formulas*

* Exciting NEW Products Launching in 2019!

With Performance Lab®, Opti-Nutra™ Associates promote a complete human performance line that stacks together for maximum commissions, multiplied.

3. Strong Brand Presence and Visibility

Opti-Nutra™ products already have high visibility and a dominant online presence. On the web, Opti-Nutra products are backed by strong research and reinforced by hundreds of reviews from satisfied customers and consumer websites.

By partnering with us as an Opti-Nutra™ Associate, you align yourself with one of the fastest-growing and innovative supplement companies in the world.

4. We Help You Grow

Your success is our success. That’s why the Opti-Nutra™ Associate Program comes with expert insight, tools and resources to help you achieve exponential growth, including:

Article Assistance

Opti-Nutra™ supplies easy-to-use product drill-down sheets, editorial calendars full of timely topics, and expert help on creating superior editorial for your site.


Opti-Nutra™ provides high-resolution product shots, supplement facts images, graphs, charts, videos and other rich content to add to your site’s articles.


All Opti-Nutra™ products are backed by strong research. We include references to these studies that you can cite to both increase sales and strengthen your content credibility.


Rise to the top of rankings and spike your site traffic for maximum commissions. Our SEO experts are here to help, with the latest insight on how to dominate SERPs.


Our experts are happy to help fine-tune your content and design for maximum conversion and supercharged sales. When your site is tuned for success, we all win!

How to become an Opti-Nutra™ Associate

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Opti-Nutra™ is dedicated to researching, developing and manufacturing innovative nutritional supplements for performance-driven consumers. Opti-Nutra™ upholds superior quality standards to ensure superior health and performance results across all of its formulas, including Mind Lab Pro® and Performance Lab® supplements. Learn more