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Performance supplements are poised for massive growth in 2019. You can capitalize with the easiest, most advanced affiliate platform ever developed: Opti-Nutra® Associates Program.

Join the Opti-Nutra® Associates Program and convert your site’s traffic into income – simply by introducing your visitors to superior-quality supplements that improve their health, performance and lives.

Why Opti-Nutra® Associates Program is the Best:

1. Lucrative Compensation Package

Opti-Nutra® Associates Program is designed to increase your income, strengthen your financial ability and build robust cash flow that gets stronger over time.

Sign up with Opti-Nutra® Associates Program now to enjoy generous terms including:

  • Up to 30% Commission
  • Highest EPCs
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  • Long-lasting cookie placement
  • High Conversion rates
  • High average order amount
  • High customer satisfaction
  • Minimal returns and refunds

2. Opti-Nutra® Brand Prestige Sells Better

Our customers are happy to pay for the best. Opti-Nutra® brands are premium quality, with the advanced formulations, branded ingredients and clean labels that today’s consumers demand.

Opti-Nutra® brands include:

Mind Lab Pro® – the Universal Nootropic™

Mind Lab Pro® has emerged as the leading brain supplement. The first Universal Nootropic™, Mind Lab Pro® functions as a whole-brain optimizer – supporting brain health while enhancing focus, learning, memory, relaxation, stress resistance and more.

  • The Nootropic category is growing fast: Valued at 2.3 Billion USD in 2015, it is projected to reach 11.6 Billion USD by 2024.

Opti-Nutra® Associates can capitalize on the nootropics boom with the world’s most talked-about brain supplement: Mind Lab Pro®.

Performance Lab® – Upgrade Yourself™

Performance Lab® is the evolution of nutrition: A new take on supplementation designed to unlock next-level human performance. To realize this goal, Performance Lab® extensively researches, tests and formulates advanced supplements that upgrade function across performance-oriented biological pathways.


Performance Lab® CORE Formulas*

  • NutriGenesis™ Multi for Men
  • NutriGenesis™ Multi for Women
  • Energy
  • Sleep
  • Mind
  • Vision
  • Prebiotic

  • Coming soon
  • Omega 3
  • MCT
  • Flex
  • Stim

Performance Lab® SPORT Formulas*

  • Fat Burner
  • T-Booster
  • Pre-Workout
  • Post-Workout
  • BCAA

  • Coming soon
  • Protein
  • Carb
  • Maintain

Exciting NEW Products Launching in 2019!

With Performance Lab®, Opti-Nutra® Associates promote a complete human performance line that stacks together for maximum commissions, multiplied.

3. Strong Brand Presence and Visibility

Opti-Nutra® products already have high visibility and a dominant online presence. On the web, Opti-Nutra products are backed by strong research and reinforced by hundreds of reviews from satisfied customers and consumer websites.

By partnering with us as an Opti-Nutra® Associate, you align yourself with one of the fastest-growing and innovative supplement companies in the world.


4. We Help You Grow

Your success is our success. That’s why the Opti-Nutra® Associate Program comes with expert insight, tools and resources to help you achieve exponential growth, including:

  • Article Assistance
  • Opti-Nutra® supplies easy-to-use product drill-down sheets, editorial calendars full of timely topics, and expert help on creating superior editorial for your site.

  • Media
  • Opti-Nutra® provides high-resolution product shots, supplement facts images, graphs, charts, videos and other rich content to add to your site’s articles.

  • Research
  • All Opti-Nutra™ products are backed by strong research. We include references to these studies that you can cite to both increase sales and strengthen your content credibility.

  • SEO
  • Rise to the top of rankings and spike your site traffic for maximum commissions. Our SEO experts are here to help, with the latest insight on how to dominate SERPs.

  • Conversion
  • Our experts are happy to help fine-tune your content and design for maximum conversion and supercharged sales. When your site is tuned for success, we all win!

How to become an Opti-Nutra® Associate

To join the Opti-Nutra® Associate Program and get started on the path to financial success, simply click the link below to sign up now!

About Opti-Nutra® Advanced Nutraceuticals

Opti-Nutra® is dedicated to researching, developing and manufacturing innovative nutritional supplements for performance-driven consumers. Opti-Nutra® upholds superior quality standards to ensure superior health and performance results across all of its formulas, including Mind Lab Pro® and Performance Lab® supplements. Learn more